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Image by Julio Lopez
Image by Julio Lopez

Intuitive Soundscapes

Sound healing uses various sounds to help improve physical and emotional well-being. Through guided meditations and intuitive music (sound, language, and various instruments), I offer this journey for you.

There is so much hurry in our lives, so much static. Come listen to what is being sung to you below the noise and chaos. Connect to a deeper understanding of your feelings & your life. Intuitive Soundscapes is a wellspring of mystery, comfort, and rest.

For your own personalized intuitive song, visit the Book Online tab for more information. 

Consider that a homecoming might not be found in the spoken word. Sometimes it takes someone else to sing you home.  

***NEW OFFERING!*** Intuitive Soundscapes Meets Hiraethlon

***NEW OFFERING!*** Intuitive Soundscapes Meets Hiraethlon

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Image by Damir Omerović

Intuitive Singing

Image by Juan Martin Lopez

Intuitive Playing

Image by Timothy Dykes

Intuitive Sharing

What do you hear?

Click below to visit Intuitive Soundscapes: A sanctuary for providing, guiding & witnessing intuitive expression via singing, koshi chimes, singing bowls, lyre, harp & more.  Visit Book Online  to learn about receiving an individualized intuitive song. 

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