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Welcome to
The I'm Okay Collective

Are you searching for a creative community that seeks to disrupt assumptions we've been taught about the very real & hard experience of being human? Would you like to cast off the names & labels others have placed on you & know that you are Okay just as you are in this moment? 

The I'm Okay Collective is an online space (blog, forum, creative corner) to connect with those looking for a holistic experience of self-expression. Through community & conversation, we question automatic labels our society has ingrained in us & engage with each other from our collective yet unique experiences.

Origins of
The I'm Okay Collective 

The I'm Okay Collective began from my experiences as a "consumer" of mental health supports & then, as I changed careers, entering the life-changing world of peer support where I learned that the way we think about our emotions, diagnoses, & humanity has typically been put upon us by people not living or knowing our unique experiences.

I yearned to define what I was going through and that process freed me to accept parts of myself that once caused shame and self-destruction.

 The I'm Okay Collective offers various spaces to experience fresh outlooks on identity & purpose, allowing us to be imperfect students of a much deeper world. The new Forum invites respectful discussions, curiosities, perspectives & offers each person the opportunity to define what is meaningful to them.

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