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Welcome to
The I'm Okay Collective

Are you searching for a creative community that seeks to disrupt assumptions we've been taught about the very real & hard experience of being human? Would you like to cast off the names & labels others have placed on you & know that you are Okay just as you are in this moment? 

The I'm Okay Collective is an online space (blog, forum, creative corner) to connect with those looking for a holistic experience of self-expression. Through community & conversation, we question automatic labels our society has ingrained in us & engage with each other from our collective yet unique experiences.

Origins of
The I'm Okay Collective 

The I'm Okay Collective began from my experiences as a "consumer" of mental health supports & then, as I changed careers, entering the life-changing world of peer support where I learned that the way we think about our emotions, diagnoses, & humanity has typically been put upon us by people not living or knowing our unique experiences.

I yearned to define what I was going through and that process freed me to accept parts of myself that once caused shame and self-destruction.

 The I'm Okay Collective offers various spaces to experience fresh outlooks on identity & purpose, allowing us to be imperfect students of a much deeper world. The new Forum invites respectful discussions, curiosities, perspectives & offers each person the opportunity to define what is meaningful to them.

The Creativity section of the Forum has already hosted many people's poetry and writing from across the country and helped others feel less alone and empowered through the sharing of their own experiences. This is not a literary journal but an opportunity for anyone who wants to submit a piece of creative art or writing based on their emotional experience/journey and see it displayed online - as anonymous as you choose. 

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