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The Nest

Writing supports us in receiving guidance, deepening intuitive wisdom, and asking questions we may not have considered before. From a lens of emotional inclusivity, compassion and deep listening, we gather together in The Nest. We use creative writing prompts & discussion to consider our self-defined meanings of peace & wholeness.

Browse my upcoming writing workshops and poetry below. If you would like to inquire about one-on-one work, please fill out the contact form to learn more about the process.

Upcoming Events @ The Nest & Beyond

  • Intro to "The Nest"
    Intro to "The Nest"
    Time is TBD
    Google Meet
    Time is TBD
    Google Meet
    Learn about a new & revolutionary way to approach creativity & emotional wellness. Visit "The Nest," an emerging group of imperfect, creative souls who are ready to investigate their narrative.

Discover your story

Hiraethlon offerings such as The Nest are designed to support you in navigating your emotions & thoughts using creativity & self-exploration. 

Your poems are so beautifully powerful that I feel the influence of the collective in them. I know this is very personal to you but as I read [Motherlung], I hear the underground river bubbling up. Perhaps an artist is the soft ground that yields to the water beneath bringing the voice of the collective to the surface. This voice yearns to be heard, expressed, here among the living. Perhaps the muse is the personification of the collective consciousness of all human experience. This comforts me to know that we are never alone, never isolated in our pain."

- Rita O, writer and student of "The Memory at Work: Writing Your Legacy," an online class offered by Lisa Marie via AllWriters' Workplace & Workshop

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