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My name is Lisa Marie Brodsky Auter

Chicago-born and raised, I have lived in Wisconsin since 2001. With a B.A. in English, an M.F.A. in Poetry, and a lifelong interest in psychology, I am currently training to become a Poetry Therapy Practitioner through the International Academy for Poetry Therapy.

I am the author of two books & have had my poetry published in a wide variety of journals (print & online) since 1998. As a peer support specialist and poetry therapy facilitator, I want to liberate mental health from the stringent definitions our society teaches and instead encourage a connection to ourselves and each other using curiosity and compassion.

I strive for humility, teachability & curiosity in my work and know that the many struggles I've lived through have placed me in a unique position to share my journey of finding, losing & finding (again) my sense of home - not in the sense of a state, country, or building, but rather an ancient, mysterious, untranslatable longing: 



I look forward to seeing you at a writing workshop, hearing your stories in the community or guiding you home with song.

Lisa Marie, Owner & Founder of Hiraethlon
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The Nest

From a lens of emotional inclusivity, compassion & deep listening, "The Nest" offers group workshops and one-on-one support for your creative journey.

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If you are looking for an engaging speaker to share at your event, let's  talk about how I can provide the creative, motivating spark you seek.

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The I'm Okay Collective

This online space connects you with those looking for a holistic experience of
self-expression and self-indentification.

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Intuitive Soundscapes

Did you know music has the power to support you in connecting with your inward world on a deeper level?  Start your journey with sound healing today.

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