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Find Your Longing

Create Your Way Home

full of longing for a home you've never known.

Here, we explore ideas of identity, wellness, and beLonging through creativity & self-inquiry. 

It is a normal human experience to struggle, question, rage, laugh & long for peace - an internal home -  that feels elusive & just out of reach. Has anyone taken your hand & led you into this space of emotional paradox? Have you ever been allowed to be exactly how you need to be while also seeking something...more? Better? Different? 

Through various creative mediums, Hiraethlon offers a journey toward resiliency, acceptance & quite possibly a home never before imagined - or imagined, but never thought possible.

Welcome - let this be your first stop toward home. 

Mossy Branch -  Thomas Lardeau

The Nest

I am a published poet & writer, Poetry Therapy Practitioner & Peer Support Specialist working in the mental health field. I combine emotional self-inquiry with creative writing & offer The Nest: a new kind of creative community & one branch of what Hiraethlon offers. Financial circumstances should not be a barrier to access these offerings so if you would benefit from a reduced fee, contact me and we'll discuss potential options. If you are in a time of financial abundance and wish to donate toward making reduced fees possible, please email me for details. 

The Nest holds:

  • Virtual & in-person nurturing spaces for supported, brave & creative exploration

  • Group & one-on-one guidance, wisdom & encouragement using creative writing & emotional self-inquiry to imagine & shape your idea of wholeness

  • 3 different tiers of opportunity depending on your specific needs to go deeper with your writing & emotional exploration. Read more about it on the Plans and Pricing page. 

  • Some specific writing-related offerings, depending on the tier:

    • manuscript consultation​

    • establishing creative goals & habits

    • poetry feedback

    • guidance around the poetry submission process

    • ways to reflect on your life using creative inquiry & writing

    • opportunities to receive poetry therapy from a credentialed poetry therapy practitioner

    • reframing your struggles from an inclusive, compassionate, and resilient lens

Wild Mushrooms growing in forest

The I'm Okay Collective

The I'm Okay Collective is a space to reimagine & redefine the way we look at mental health. Together, we build a community by creating:

  • A chorus of voices speaking our Okayness amidst whatever emotions we navigate.

  • A sanctuary to express feelings & with brave curiosity, challenge the clinical & mainstream models we've been given throughout our lives.

  • A place to reframe what society has deemed "mentally ill" or "sick" & view these words as opportunities to investigate our human experience.

  • A way to redefine & reclaim this emotional landscape from a place of informed choice. 

  • Note that certain tiers of The Nest offerings include a guest blog post or publication of a poem by YOU.

The I'm Okay Collective is a wonderful companion to The Nest where creative writing is combined with this emotional wellness initiative. 

Fiddleheads Image by Florian Olivo

Readings & Public Events

Are you looking for a professional writer and/or emotional health advocate to speak or present at an event? Are you looking for a dynamic & engaging poet?  I attend virtual & in-person readings & events to read my poetry, speak on peer support & mental health, reframing grief, publishing & how creative writing & self-compassion are primary modalities for a wholehearted & meaningful life.

Upcoming Events

Values I Hold

  • Choice: we can define who we are & who we become 

  • Compassion: we are imperfect beings doing the best with what we have & know

  • Mystery: the human experience is an emotional paradox we get to unravel knowing there is healing in connection.

Meet Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Poet & Mental Health Advocate, Founder of Hiraethlon

Hello! My name is Lisa Marie. I have carefully & lovingly prepared this space for you. You are most welcome here. 

Hiraethlon was born out of my own feelings of lostness, depression & feeling like an "other" in a world that seemed to make sense to everyone but me - until I expanded my vision (and career) to include peer support, poetry therapy & a variety of healing modalities.

I learned that home is not just a location but a mentality, feeling & journey - possibly a longing never fully quenched.

I hope to show & share how a world-weary, not-knowing journey is a perfect starting point in your search for beLonging & home. 

Visit my about page for a more detailed story of how & why I am here. 


 "And in my travels, when I see a hill dotted with sheep or a staff lying among chestnut leaves, I am moved by a sense of longing to be again what I was not."

 Patti Smith, Woolgathering

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