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The Nest  Hiraethlon Logo

The Nest

From a lens of emotional inclusivity, compassion & deep listening, we gather in groups and/or one-on-one & use creative writing prompts & discussion to consider our self-defined meanings of peace & wholeness.

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The I'm Okay Collective

The I'm Okay Collective Logo

Join the conversation in an online space (blog, forum, creative corner) to connect with other creatives & those looking for a holistic experience of self-expression. Through conversation, we engage with each other from our unique experiences.

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Intuitive Soundscapes Logo

Intuitive Soundscapes

By combining words, melodies and music, I create a customized soundscape to support you with music healing. Visit Intuitive Soundscapes to learn more about the process and how it can support you.

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I am happy to answer questions regarding all offerings provided by Hiraethlon. Please email below

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