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When you book me to present at your event, I don't just speak about a topic, I perform & embody it. Whether I share the benefits of peer support for people new to mental health challenges or read from my latest poetic endeavors, I live my words.

I offer connection, self-reflection & emotional intimacy for audiences big & small. Because my subject matters have changed me, my presentations, scripted or not, leave people with a sense of hope & being changed as well.

Recent presentations: 

We Are Many: Deepening our understanding of poetry therapy through Internal Family Systems' 'Parts Work.' - September 2022 for the International Academy of Poetry Therapy trainees.

Out of the Woodwork: Effective Peer Support with a Population New to Mental Health Challenges - October 2022 for the Wisconsin Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery Conference.

Peer Support Values and Support Group Facilitation: A Necessary Union - June 2023 for the The Wisconsin Peer Support Employment Initiative 

This Circle Happens Once: How "Brave Space" Values Enrich Poetry Therapy Facilitation - August 2023 for the International Academy of Poetry Therapy trainees.

Supporting Staff Navigating Work-Related Grief and Loss - August 2023 for the Peer Recovery Center of Excellence. 

Grief is a Backpack: Carrying What Can't Be Fixed - February 2024 for the Wisconsin Peer Support Employment Initiative. 

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"I loved that it is ok to have and express emotions when dealing or working with grief and staff."
Lisa Marie Poetry & Mental Health Public Speaking Event

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