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Lisa Marie Brodsky is the author of poetry collections, ‘We Nod Our Dark Heads’ (Parallel Press, 2008, now available for free on Google Books) and 'Motherlung’ (Salmon Poetry 2014), which received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Wisconsin Library Association.

For over 25 years, her poetry has been published in a variety of journals, such as The North American Review, Mom Egg Review, The Peacock Journal, Verse Wisconsin,  Diode Poetry Journal, Painted Bride Quarterly, and many more. Lisa Marie has been an online faculty member at AllWriters’ Workplace & Workshop and is currently in training to become a Poetry Therapy Practitioner, offering creative writing workshops through a lens of peer support & emotional inclusivity. 

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Image by Blake Verdoorn

Online Published Work 

The Robbery / Willawaw Journal 

Memory Speaks in Tongues / Shot Glass Journal 

Sleep is an Isthmus / The Drowning Gull: Sea Salt Series

Romantic Circus Songs / The Evergreen Review

How to Get Over Your Husband / Inklette

UnWelcomed, UnAskedFor / The Drowning Gull

"It Becomes Her," "The Stolen Body Returns Home," "The Offering," "Transatlantic" /  Peacock Journal

"The Empty Fiancee" and "If This Was Just About Hate" / Painted Bride Quarterly

"The Clear Day After" and "Daffodils"/ Verse Wisconsin

Brodsky’s 1st Psychoanalyst Session, Verbatim & LMB for Posterity / Diode

Interviews, Reviews &
Miscellaneous Mentions

Guest on Radio Literature with Marilyn L. Taylor

Guest Poet on Access Hour on WORT FM

Review of 'Motherlung,' by Issa M. Lewis in Mom Egg Review

Empowering Words of Women Writers in The Shepherd Express

Author bio in Poets & Writers

"As Brodsky beautifully demonstrates, the concept of motherhood is actually fluid; as the title of the book implies, a mother is someone who breathes life into her child—biological or not—and sustains her. While it may also become easy to grow dependent on that sustenance, a mother continues to give it until the child grows into an independent force, a mother in her own right."

Issa M. Lewis
Author of
"Infinite Collisions"
Published in Mom Egg Review.

"These poems are a true glimpse inside the author's greatest loss- that of her mother. Her heart is real and insightful of the thoughts we think and emotions felt after we lose a person so central to the makeup of who we are. This book of poems is as close to perfect as I have ever read. Lisa Marie Brodsky is a shining lamp of truth in a heart darkened by pain. She triumphs in that it never seems sad, only steps in the process of living after loss. She triumphs even harder in her courage to go forward and claim her life in love and a new family of her own.

Attendee from Motherlung launch party

"Lisa Marie Brodsky's poems are like a knife cutting away subcutaneous fat to reveal the abnormal tissue that needs to be excised before the healing can begin. Motherlung, in its quiet emotive passion, chronicles the tenuous strength of the mother- daughter relationship in terms so stark and final it leaves the reader gasping for breath at the end of each poem . . . and understanding at the end of each life. These poems will stay with you, a perpetual guiding play of light and shadow over the soul."

James P. Roberts
"Famous Wisconsin Authors"

Poetic Performances

Poetry has the power to capture and communicate a message. This expressive art form is a creative and empowering outlet for expressing our emotions and connecting with our inner selves.


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